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1. 旅行中
A. This view is breathtaking!
B. Let's take a few pictures.
A. Wow! These are so Instagrammable.

2. 絶景をバックにセルフィー
A. Are you ready? Cheese!
B. Oh, no. We have to take another one. That wasn't Instagrammable enough.
A. Alright. Here we go again.


We arrived all in one piece.


1. 雪でフライトが大幅に遅延

A. Welcome back home!

B. It was a long trip, but we arrived all in one piece.

A. I'm so glad you did.

2. 注文していた花瓶

A. Is that the vase we ordered online?

B. Yes. Let's open the box.

A. Great, it arrived all in one piece.

Better safe than sorry.



1. 車から奇妙な音
A. Do you hear that?
B. Oh, that's probably nothing.
A. You should take your car to the mechanic. Better safe than sorry.

2. 救急キット
A. Mom, we really don't need that.
B. You never know. Better safe than sorry.
A. Alright.

The party is in full swing.


1. パーティーに遅れて参加
A. Thank you for coming. Everybody's here.
B. Wow. The party is in full swing.
A. It is. Grab some food and enjoy yourself.

2. 新サービスの導入
A. Everything is in working condition.
B. Great.
A. The new service will be in full swing by the end of this week.


through thick and thin


1. 結婚10周年
A. Happy 10th wedding anniversary!
B. Thank you. Jason has been such a wonderful life partner to me.
A. You two have been together through thick and thin.

2. 尊敬する上司が退職
A. This team has stood by me through thick and thin.
B. You're the best boss ever. We'll miss you.
A. You guys will be fine without me.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


1. 短距離走で優勝
A. Congratulations on your win!
B. Thank you.
A. Your father was a fantastic sprinter. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

2. ハプニング続きの親子旅
A. I can't believe you lost your wallet.
B. Well, Dad lost the room key twice.
A. Now I'm convinced. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you know?

Those dimples are adorable.


1. 子供の写真
A. This is my youngest son, Josh.
B. Oh my goodness! Those dimples are adorable.
A. Thanks. I'll tell him you said so.

2. 友人のブルドッグ
A. How old is he?
B. He's almost one.
A. His chubby cheeks are adorable.

She's a character.


1. 新店長
A. Have you met our new store manager?
B. No, not yet. What's she like?
A. Very cheerful and friendly. She's a character.

2. 友人を紹介
A. Ryan is a really nice guy. He's funny and … different.
B. He's quite a character, isn't he?
A. Yes, he is.

I'm feeling a bit peckish.


1. 帰り道
A. I'm feeling a bit peckish.
B. So am I. Do you want to stop for a quick snack?
A. Sounds good.

2. レストランにて
A. Do you want to order the large and share?
B. No, thanks. The small is perfect for me, since I'm just a bit peckish.
A. Okay.


My door is always open.


1. 悩み事を抱えた友人
A. You look stressed lately. Is everything okay?
B. I'm fine.
A. If you need someone to talk to, my door is always open.

2. 大学の授業
A. I feel like I'm falling behind in class.
B. Why don't you go talk to Professor Jenkins? Her door is always open.
A. That's a great idea.







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